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Fri Dec 1 07:23:43 UTC 2017

Adam McClure schreef op 01-12-2017 3:46:
> On 30/11/2017 13:37, Xen wrote:
>> Does anyone know of a keylogger with a GUI and an easy-to-use
>> turn-on/turn-off feature?
>> I mean like an applet in the system tray?
>> LibreOffice crashed on me again and took some text with it, now my
>> document is incongruent again because I can never remember exactly
>> what I wrote.
> You shouldn't need a keylogger.

Well I do need one but the downside is that if you have no GUI, you have 
to keep it running in the background basically and that means it also 
logs all of your passwords.

Also the one I have now just saves everything into a long list. I can 
sed that into shape but it's not very usable this way.

I mean recovering text...

> The best thing to do would to save the
> document after every few sentences.

No solution, either I had already saved and the recovery overwrote it, 
(I forgot to check I guess) or I had done so little actually, well okay 
they were 2 paragraphs, but it is pretty obvious the problem remains, 
even if it becomes "less".

I mean, I need a total solution, not something piecemeal.

> A keylogger is only going to slow down your computer since it'll be
> recording and saving all of your keystrokes in the background.

Ehm no, it will be recording all my keypresses for me to save :D.

I mean, I'm already running one. It has no effect on system performance.

It just has no gui.

So I can't use it for anything useful in that sense.

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