networking disabled on laptop running ubuntu 16.10

Ralf Mardorf silver.bullet at
Fri Nov 11 11:31:01 UTC 2016

On Fri, 11 Nov 2016 10:25:28 +0000, Colin Law wrote:
>That's worth knowing, thanks Ralf.  My windows boot, kept for
>occasional use of (non-internet facing) s/w that will not run with
>Wine is still XP so I was not aware of that issue.

To test hardware, that does cause issues with Linux, I installed FreeBSD
and Windows XP a long time ago. FreeBSD doesn't boot any more and I
didn't try booting Windows XP since years.

In regards to software I need, that doesn't run on wine, I used XP as a
VBox guest, but I needed to switch to another Windows, because XP
support was dropped by iTunes. After doing some sketchy research, I
decided to install Windows 7 instead of versions > 7. I still have an
XP guest, too, since I didn't test, if very old software that works on
Windows XP, still does work on modern Windows versions. As far as I
know, those modern Windows versions provide some kind of XP
virtualisation, but you never know.

For some of my needs more Apple products, as well as additional
hardware for Linux would be helpful, in addition to my current Linux PC
and my iPad2, but I don't have the money. Windows is rather useless for
my needs. It's a pity that Linux hardware support isn't that perfect as
for other operating systems and that portable Linux devices are that
limited. In regards to my needs, Linux based tablet PCs simply suffer
from not providing audio real-time abilities.

Those who experience issues with multi-boot systems, containing at
least one Windows install, should consider to get rid of the Windows
install. Perhaps they don't need Windows at all, or could run Windows
software on wine or in a VM.

I don't want to learn what pitfalls in regards to hybrid shutdowns and
uefi/safe boot exist.


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