networking disabled on laptop running ubuntu 16.10

Colin Law clanlaw at
Thu Nov 10 18:08:20 UTC 2016

On 10 November 2016 at 17:49, M. Fioretti <mfioretti at> wrote:

> On 2016-11-10 18:07, Colin Law wrote:
> I have more than once fixed a problem by upgrading mother board
>> firmware
> I spent more than a few hours in October exactly trying to update the
> firmware from Windows,
> following point by point the instructions on HP websites, without success.
> I can't find the notes I took in those moments now, but it simply did not
> work.
> It would stop at some point complaining that some file was missing/had not
> been downloaded, but that file was nowhere to be found on HP website, or
> in bug
> reports. Not solved ones, anyway.
> So, I'd be more inclined to say that upgrading (OK, trying to upgrade) the
> firmware is exactly what CAUSED my current problems (if my memory weren't
> almost
> sure, but not really 100% sure, that networking on Ubuntu kept working for
> some time after those attempts). In any case, upgrading the firmware did
> not
> work, and until a version newer than what I tried in October isn't
> released,
> that road seems closed.
> In a nutshell, I'm trying other roads exactly because I did mess around a
> with firmware, and went nowhere. Sorry if I didn't make that clear
> The fact that the problem appeared following a s/w upgrade
> No, sorry. I did write the opposite: "when they both stopped working
> without apparent cause (e.g. sw upgrades)".

That confuses me slightly. You say you are using Ubuntu 16.10, which was
only released a few weeks ago, and you have not used the laptop for a few
weeks. In that case you must just have upgraded around the time the problem
occurred.  Are you certain the problem did not occur when you upgraded?
Also the fact that you say it is possible that the problem started when you
tried and failed to upgrade the firmware makes it even more important that
you complete this operation.  As a matter of interest, why were you trying
to upgrade the firmware?

> In another post you said you had re-typed an error message rather than
>> copying/pasting. It is far better to copy/paste as sometimes the devil
>> is in the detail. You can copy from the terminal using Ctrl+Shift+C.
> I know that. But for relatively short strings like those, it was much
> faster
> to go manually than copy and paste and save, then move the text file via
> USB key. Theoretically, because in this very moment I have found out that
> when I plug in a surely working USB key nothing happens at all, it is not
> detected anymore.
> Meanwhile it may be worth looking in syslog at the bootup sequence to
>> see if there are any networking errors reported.
> only relevant thing I *recognize* is a NetworkManager line that says:
> nm_device_get_device_type: assertion 'NMIS_DEVICE (self)' failed

NM_IS_DEVICE possibly?

> since I can't even move files via USB as I hoped, it seems the only
> way to show you complete syslog output is by photographing the screen,
> which obviously sucks. Any better ideas?

So to summarise all the above you have a machine which used to work fine,
and as far as you are aware did nothing to the config or software, that now
does not find the network hardware and USB is also malfunctioning.  If it
were not for the fact that these still work in Windows then I would say
that it sounds like hardware.

To check you could try booting off an Ubuntu live DVD or USB stick to see
if they then work.

Have you got ssh server installed? If so then you could ssh in from another
PC to look at syslog etc for copying here.

What do you see in the dropdown when you click the Network Manager icon in
the top panel? Check that Enable Networking and Enable Wife are both ticked.

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