fslint menu items still gone...

rikona rikona at sonic.net
Wed Nov 9 22:57:19 UTC 2016

I formatted/reinstalled 16.04 and things are going well except for a
very few items. I use fslint all the time - it is an important pgm for
me, but it is still useless because the menu bar is still blank and
thus I can't really do anything useful with the pgm.

I left /home the same with the reinstall so it might be that something
there is causing the problem. I could not find anything in hidden
files that seemed to relate to fslint, so not sure what it might be.

Seems that fslint uses python and gtk. Is it possible that I have the
wrong versions installed and/or activated? I have gtk2 and gtk3 and a
gazillioin files related to gtk. I think I have python 3.5 and python
2.7 and a gazillioin files related to python. If I do have the wrong
versions, could I possibly build fslint on this box and get it to work
with the installed versions and/or get the versions I need without
mucking up the existing install?

Can someone please check to see if fslint has an active menu bar, with
items listed, in 16.04? Perhaps the available build of fslint is too
old to run properly in 16.04?

As far as I can tell, everything works except the menu bar - I can
search for dups, for example, and they are found and displayed. I just
can't tell the pgm what to do with the dups it found...

I'd like very much to get this running and would greatly appreciate
any help in fixing this.



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