manage virtualbox VMs remotely?

Tony Baechler bats at
Sun Mar 27 12:18:57 UTC 2016

On 3/27/2016 1:25 AM, Karl Auer wrote:
> Not that long ago someone on this mailing list (I think) mentioned a
> tool that allowed remote management of VirtualBox VMs. I can't seem to
> find the relevant message.

There are some options, depending on whether you want a GUI, VNC, etc. Take 
a look at virt-manager. Also, as someone else suggested, do a search for 
libvirt. There are several tools with varying degrees of complexity and 
features, although I haven't used them personally. There is also 
gnome-boxes, but I don't think it's what you want as it seems to be a simple 
wizard for creating and launching new VMs. I believe that VirtualBox does 
offer a way to connect to the VM with VNC, but I'm not sure about this.

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