thin clients not updating to the latest kernel - some extra thoughts

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Mon Mar 21 13:32:33 UTC 2016

Hi Tony :

On Fri, 18/3/16, Tony Baechler <bats at> wrote:

 Subject: Re: thin clients not updating to the latest kernel - some extra thoughts
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 Date: Friday, 18 March, 2016, 12:27
 On 3/17/2016 11:57 PM,
 Spyros Tsiolis wrote:
 > If you've
 upgraded to the v3.2.2 but you want to build
 > initrd.img but you are running the
 > How can you do that ?
 > I am not asking about and
 vmlinuz because
 > they have already been
 created for kernel-v3.2.2
 > However, as
 far as I know, "initrd.img" is not there
 > for v3.2.2.
 > Can I create the "initrd.img"
 file _for_ v3.2.2 while
 > running in the
 v3.2.1 evnironment ?
 If you want to update an already existing image, run this as
 update-initramfs -k
 all -u
 To create new initrd
 images, use -c instead of -u. The -u switch tells it to 
 update. The -c switch tells it to create a new
 image. The "-k all" tells it 
 create new initrd images for all installed kernels. You can
 pass a 
 specific version to the -k switch,
 but I find "all" to be easier. It saves 
 typing and makes sure all installed kernels
 have initrd images.

First of all I am sorry for the late reply.

ok, I don't quite get this. 
Forgive me.
I'll ask again just to make sure.

I am running the system with kernel v3.2.1, so kernel v3.2.1
is loaded to the RAM.

The system upgrades, downloads the next kernel version

You are saying that while running v3.2.1 and without rebooting
the system quite yet, I can build initrd.img with the commands
you quoted ?

Just making sure.

Thank you for your reply,


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