Missing perf for kernel 4.4.3-040403

Shlomi Vaknin shlomivaknin at gmail.com
Thu Mar 17 23:36:26 UTC 2016


I am not sure which of the lists I should be posting to, so if this isnt
the one, accept my apology and kindly direct me to the right one.

I am using perf_events quite a lot, and recently I upgraded my kernel
version to 4.4.3-040403, thinking perf should just be there (as it is
advertised as a native tool to the kernel).

When trying to run it I get :

> perf

WARNING: perf not found for kernel 4.4.3-040403

  You may need to install the following packages for this specific kernel:

  You may also want to install one of the following packages to keep up to

However, none of these packages exist anywhere (that google could reach).

Should I simply revert my kernel to the one matching the latest
linux-tools? (right now I get linux-tools-4.4.0-13-generic as the latest)

Where could I follow the builds and releases of linux-tools packages?

Any hints will be very useful,
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