thin clients not updating to the latest kernel

Spyros Tsiolis stsiol at
Wed Mar 16 18:16:11 UTC 2016

Hello all,

don't know if you recall.
I had some quite big issues with two clients' sites with
ubuntu 14.04 X64 as a thin-client server and Ubuntu 12.04 x86
on the thin clients.

I had some serious trouble with package management and 
maintenance, mostly to the fact that the thin clients boot
from the network and not from a hard drive.
Most of the trouble came from grub and grub related packages.
At that time, we talked about it and decided that the smartest
solution would be to take away the grub related packages and
tell the package manager to hold updates for those.

That worked. However, while investigating this , I found out
that the system didn't update to newer kernel versions and after
system updates, kept booting from the same old kernel version.

So, I went ahead and did a new thin-client installation just
for the spite of it, so I can hunt down this issue.
Only this time I made sure that the "/boot" folder got
copied to "/boot.ORIG", then mounted the NFS boot
folder to "/boot" which was , now , empty.
That actually worked. Here's my problem though.
Eventhough I mounted the NFS boot folder that way,
the system did not update to the newest kernel for v12.04
x86 (which is now, kernel v3.2.0-101 if I am not mistaken).

So my question is this;
When the kernel gets updated through the ubuntu update 
system, where does it go exactly and what does it update ?
Any ideas ?

It's a simple practice of finding what files get updated and where.
Also, I suspect in such a fashion, I don't have to hold and/or
remove any grub-related packages.

Any help, as always, is welcome.

Thank you all for your patience,


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