Splitting large zip archives

iceblink iceblink at seti.nl
Wed Mar 16 13:48:31 UTC 2016

On 2016-03-15 15:00, R Kimber wrote:
> I need to be able to slpit large zip archives (e.g. 9GB) into smaller 
> zip
> archives (<4GB) so that individual files are not split across the
> smaller archives.
> zipsplit seems to do exactly what I want, except that it says that it 
> is
> limited to archives of 2GB in size.
> Does anyone know of a suitable tool that would do this? Or must I
> extract each large archive and recreate the smaller ones manually?
> - Richard.
> --
> Richard Kimber

Not sure how this fits in your procedures, but you can simply use the 
unix command "split" for this purpose.

split -b 2000000000 hugefile

would take the hugefile and split into 2000000000 byte chunks, and name 
those chunks xaa, xab, etc

To merge the files back together you would do something like

cat xaa xab xac > hugefule

Or shorter:

cat x* > hugefile

Another standard unix way of doing this, more low level but also a bit 
more difficult to get right, is to use the dd command, as described 

Merging is similar to above.

Best regards,
Patrick Asselman

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