Installing and running multiple instances of the same software

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Sun Mar 13 13:22:33 UTC 2016

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  Date: Sun, 13 Mar 2016 15:44:57 +0300

  It is really an amazing tool.
  I appreciate your support.
  I have a concern about whether the chroot OS can have a dedicated
  network interface/virtual interface or not. For instance, if I install
  the first vyatta in one chroot directory and the second in another
  chroot directory. I am wondering if I can assign a different IP
  address for each one.

  Best regards,

I don't know if a chroot or systemd-nspawn could do what you need, I
neither have experiences with several network interfaces, nor with
vyatter or even read the links I provided about linux containers myself.

Anyway, if I would have the same need as you have got, I would do
research regarding chroot, since you mentioned "Ubuntu
12.04" not regarding systemd-nspawn, but I also would do
research regarding

Regarding "Ubuntu 12.04" consider to care abou

since Ubuntu switched to systemd.


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