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Teimuraz Abashidze tgasoft at
Wed Mar 9 11:05:24 UTC 2016

Hi everybody!

Kubuntu 15.10 with all (or almost all) updates. LightDM is used. HW is HP
EliteBook 8530p.

I'm using three languages: English, Russian, Georgian (in this sequence as
I've listed them). Switching policy is "Application", switching shortcut is

Any time after restart I see picture like this:

Language field on the left of "Password" is empty. But I NEVER can access
the system just entering password: it says "Incorrect password" (my pass is
just six symbols length, no numbers no special symbols - it's home
computer). After I press Ctrl-SHIFT once, that's what I see:
(Also you can see, field is too narrow for two letters of language name.)

Now language is Georgian, and it means that language before (wich was not
indicated)  was Russian, even first language (and default) in system is
English. But when I press Ctrl-SHIFT once more, I still cannot access with
the same error.

After long investigation I've found, that pressing ONCE single Ctrl and
then ONCE single SHIFT helps, and now I can enter.

This is 100% reproducable.

If I'm trying to enter password after just lock screen, it also happens,
but not always.

I didn't understand, WHY is lock screen language changed and why pressing
Ctrl and separately SHIFT keys changes something in keys/language.

Maybe someone can help.

Thank you beforehand.

Best regards,
 Teimuraz Abashidze
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