Ubuntu 16.04 LTS cannot shut down

M. Fioretti mfioretti at nexaima.net
Thu Jun 30 17:34:21 UTC 2016

On 2016-06-30 18:42, Grizzly wrote:
> Thursday, June 30, 2016  at 18:14, M. Fioretti wrote:
> Ubuntu 16.04 LTS cannot shut down (at least in part)
> not sure what your "-n" does

that was just a typo, sorry. I meant "-h", which is equivalent,
basically, to -P / poweroff

at the moment the situation is:

the noswitch parameter that Liam suggested doesn't exist.
I haven't found it online. I tried it "just for fun" and
it wouldn't even boot

-noapic = no difference

acpi=off = goes **further* than anything else tried so far,
            but *not* to the end. The first time I used it,
            Unity closed, I got the purple screen with the
            ubuntu text in the middle, and five white dots below.
            The leftmost four dots turn red quite quickly,
            then it froze all the same

            Second time I tried, it stopped to TWO red dots,
            and froze

what next? (I AM also looking for firmware update, but what if there is


> Have you tried
> poweroff
> no need for sudo (or so it says on askubuntu)
> I find
> shutdown now -P
> works here

2 possible solutions:

* Look for a firmware update. It's often an ACPI issue.

If there isn't one, you can try:

* Add the kernel boot parameter "noswitch"

>> Greetings,
>> the title says it all. I installed this version of Ubuntu on an HP
>> Pavilion G6
>> laptop, and the only thing that doesn't work, and makes Ubuntu 
>> unusable
>> for now,
>>  is the fact that it does NOT shut down.
>> - "reboot" from the terminal works
>> "shutdown -n now" from terminal, or "shut down" from the graphical
>> interface
>> do not work. They only **completely, completely freeze** the system.
>> I have **already** searched online for this problem, and all I found 
>> are
>> lots
>> of reports like this at askubuntu and similar places, with almost zero
>> answers. Any help to diagnose and fix the problem is very welcome.
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Marco
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>> http://mfioretti.com
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