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Mon Jun 27 19:04:23 UTC 2016

On Mon, Jun 27, 2016 at 1:31 PM, Timothy Holmes <taholmes160 at gmail.com>

> Hi folks.
> Looking for some software that will allow me to take a scanned pdf doc and
> make it editable.  So for example, i could scan a form, and then fill in
> the blanks via typing

I have tried several things, (and also see the article Conny Enström just
posted as a link) but I keep coming back to a couple:

1) scan the image and open it in OpenOffice. Using Draw or Writer, add
fields (or more easily) type the text you want. (In Writer, you'll want to
use the feature to insert the image as a page background, though it makes
it much harder to get the positioning correct. Draw allows you to insert
the scanned image in the background and make it visible but not editable
(so you don't accidentally scoot it around).

Unfortunately, last time I tried this, I had LOTS of trouble trying to make
a proper PDF form. I could do it, but (for example) I could not set the
field order in a way that allowed me to tab from field to field in the
finished PDF. I notice there's a much newer version of OpenOffice available
now, so you might give it a try.

2) Scan the image and open it in InkScape. Add the text you want.

InkScape doesn't even pretend to output PDF forms, but it may give better
control over the text fields as you're keying them in.

I did enjoy reading the makeuseof.com link Conny Enström posted and you may
find another technique works well for you.
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