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Kevin O'Gorman kogorman at
Sat Jun 25 03:48:14 UTC 2016

It has been a while since I used Ubuntu proper, having switched to Xubuntu
as soon as Unity came on the scene.  But I just got a new system from
System76, and I don't want to fool with it too much until I know what I'm
doing a bit better.  So I'm having some issues with the user interface.
Usually a web search gets me an answer, but I'm worried about this one:

>From time to time, doing different things, the whole thing seems to
freeze.  No response to the keyboard, even things like CTRL-C,
CTRL-ALT-function key, three-finger-salute and so on.  No response to the
mouse.  Nothing.  The display, including its clock, is frozen.
Occasionally, while I'm fumbling with the keyboard (I have severe
arthritis, and anything I do with a keyboard amounts to fumbling) the
freeze will thaw, but I have no idea if either the freeze or the thaw was
because of anything I did.

It's unlikely to be any kind of resource shortage.  I'm just setting this
thing up, so there's not much going on.  It's a dual-Xeon with 32 threads
total, and 256GB of RAM and a 1 TB SSD.  Plus other stuff.

Does this freezing sound familiar to anyone?  I really really don't want to
send it back.

Kevin O'Gorman
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