How does one set Simple Scan to scan at 11" from a Brother DCP7065DN's page feeder?

Rick Berger rckbrgr at
Thu Jun 9 22:15:45 UTC 2016


This hasn't been a high priority for me, thus the lag in responding, but 
I did try cropping before scanning from the feeder, and it didn't help.

You indicated twiddling a Preferences setting, what version of 
Simple-Scan are you using? I'm using 3.12.3 on Ubuntu 14.04, it doesn't 
have a Document menu.


On 16-06-06 06:50 PM, Tommy Trussell wrote:
> On Fri, Jun 3, 2016 at 6:33 PM, Rick Berger <rckbrgr at 
> <mailto:rckbrgr at>> wrote:
>     When scanning from the page feeder on my Brother DCP7065DN
>     printer/scanner, all th pages are scanned as legal, 14". Is there
>     a way to set Simple Scan to scan at 11" from the feeder?
> I have been using SimpleScan for years on my Brother DCP7020 
> printer/scanner, and most documents I scan are 8.5 x 11 inches, though 
> the scanner always scans a slightly different default size and I 
> always choose to Crop the scan to "Letter" size before beginning the 
> scan. (You can crop after the scan, but it's much faster to have it 
> crop from the start.)
> I recently switched to scanning some 14 inch "Legal" documents, and 
> was surprised when it didn't switch back to Letter size by itself. I 
> believe I had to twiddle the settings under Document --> Preferences 
> to get it back to 8.5 x 11 again.
> If that doesn't work for you, first I would suggest you check on the 
> Brother Linux support site to see if you have the latest version of 
> their scanner driver for your hardware and your version of Ubuntu. I 
> know on my scanner the driver lags WAY behind my version of Ubuntu 
> (since the DCP7020 is so old) but I was able to futz around with it 
> and make the latest version work on Ubuntu 14.04 even though the 
> actual package was broken and didn't install correctly.
> When I'm ready to update that computer to Ubuntu 16.04 I fully expect 
> to have to kick and jiggle the Brother scanner package to get it to 
> work all over again.... and if it doesn't.... I'll have to come up 
> with something else. :-)
> Be sure to report back here if you run into trouble. I am not at that 
> computer now so let me know if you need specific details about the driver.

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