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Tue Jun 7 14:02:08 UTC 2016

On Tuesday 07 June 2016 02:55:15 Tom Rausner wrote:

> On mandag den 6. juni 2016 23.14.30 CEST, Gene Heskett
> <gheskett at> wrote:
> > Watch gedit carefully, it has a nasty habit of copy/pasting source
> > codes back into the middle of other lines of source code that may be
> > 500 lines away.  I have probably spent 50 to 100 hours trying to
> > clean up its upchucks.
> I know. It tried to wreck a novel of mine once. Now I write the text
> directly into LyX.
> > Then I discovered geany, and its helpers and its yet to do anything
> > wrong but save my typu's.
> Have glanced at it once but never tried it....
> Tom

Its in the Just Works(TM) category for me.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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