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Colin Law clanlaw at
Mon Jun 6 14:32:14 UTC 2016

On 6 June 2016 at 14:57, Tom Rausner <tom at> wrote:
> Hi Colin
> Den 06-06-2016 kl. 15:51 skrev Colin Law:
>> Quite possibly.  You said you were using standard Ubuntu, are you in
>> fact using Kubuntu?
>> Colin
> No, just standard ubuntu 16.04 but I have installed a few kubuntu
> programs like Amarok. Maybe sume libraries are clashing ?

Possibly.  From the error it looks like it might be trying to use a
KDE theme.  Try going to System Settings > Appearance and change the
theme on the Look tab.  Change it even if it seems to show the
Ambiance theme, which should be the default, to something different.
If that fixes the problem then change it back to Ambiance if


> Tom
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