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Colin Law clanlaw at
Sun Jun 5 20:42:03 UTC 2016

On 5 June 2016 at 20:27, Tom Rausner <tom at> wrote:
> Hi
> Den 05-06-2016 kl. 16:35 skrev Karl Auer:
>> To print specific pages in the doc viewer:
>> - open the file in Document Viewer
>> - click the "File" menu
>> - select "Print"
>> - select the "General" tab
>> - click the radio button to the left of
>>   the word "Pages" at bottom left
>> - click in the field to the right of the
>>   word "Pages"
>> - enter the pages you want to print
>> - make any other changes you need on this
>>   tab or any other
>> - click "the "Print" button at bottom
>>   right of the print dialogue.
>> Is that the procedure you used? It sounds to me as if you did not click
>> the radio button, leaving the default "All Pages" selected.
>> Regards, K.
> I did <exactly> as described above. And it used to work before I
> upgraded to 16.04....

Does the Pages radio button light up ok?

When you click the Pages radio button does a flashing cursor appear in
the entry field?

Is it only with Document Viewer that you see this problem?  What if
you try to print an Open Office doc for example?

Do you see this with all files that you have tried, or do some work
and not others?


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