interface renaming (was: Re: Moving towards NetworkManager)

Josef Wolf jw at
Sat Jul 30 07:13:02 UTC 2016

On Fri, Jul 29, 2016 at 10:00:35PM +0100, Colin Law wrote:
> Are you certain about that.  I thought, for example, that if you added
> another interface then the original one might change from eth0 to
> eth1.  Maybe I am mis-remembering what I read.

Once booted, the interface name was tied to the MAC. If you add another card,
it would get the name eth1. Or eth2 for the third card.

The only problem was when a card was defective. Then you replace it and the
replacement is called eth1, because it has a new MAC and eth0 is reserved for
the old (defective) card. But that'S not a real problem: just fix it up in the

I still fail to see the problem that this new system is trying to solve.

Josef Wolf
jw at

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