Upfrading from Ubuntu 14.03 to Ubuntu 16.0

Peter petergoggin at bigpond.com
Sat Jul 30 02:54:22 UTC 2016

The reason for the question is that upgrading to ubuntu 16 has crashed 
the machine. I cannot get to the files since I cannot log on.  I have 
backups which contain the full home directory including the virtual 
machines.  I need to be able to restore the machine to ubuntu 14.04 and 
then decide whether I try the upgrade again.  I have two laptops 
involved. One of them comes up in a terminal and I can see all of my 
home directories.  This machine has not been backed up for a month.  
There is not much work need to repeat the months work but it would be 
nice to be able back these files up before I proceed any further. Is 
this possible form a terminal session?

If I use a DVD which enables me to try ubuntu before installing will 
this let me get at the files and back them up?

What is meant by a live DVD?

Sorry to be generating so much traffic but at over 80 I find it hard to 
grasp some of the concepts.


Peter Goggin

On 30/07/16 12:28, Karl Auer wrote:
> On Sat, 2016-07-30 at 12:13 +1000, Peter wrote:
>> How can I transfer a virtual machine image to a new
>> installation.
> I'm dead sure this is googlable, but off the top of my head:
> Assuming VirtualBox:
> - on the old machine:
>     - run VirtualBox
>     - shut the VM down
>     - select Machine -> Export appliance
>     - copy the exported appliance to the new machine
> - on the new machine
>     - install VirtualBox
>     - select "Machine -> Import appliance".
> That's pretty much job done.
> You should also be able to move the machine definition and the related
> virtual disks into the appropriate places in the new installation, but
> I'm not sure how to add them to VirtualBox's database of known
> machines.
> Regards, K.

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