Moving towards NetworkManager

Josef Wolf jw at
Fri Jul 29 23:16:40 UTC 2016

On Fri, Jul 29, 2016 at 09:53:09PM +0100, Colin Law wrote:
> On 29 July 2016 at 21:04, Josef Wolf <jw at> wrote:
> > ..
> > But for using wicd, I'd also need to remove network-manager to avoid them
> > stumping on each other? Won't that again wipe my desktop?
> I thought the reason you lost the desktop was because you used
> aptitude, or is that not correct.  Try using apt-get with -s
> (simulate) to see what it would do if you removed NM.

Yes, you're right.

What would be the correct options for apt-get if I need to do unattended
installs/removes? It should NEVER ask any questions. If dpkg should stumble on
modified files, it can happily wipe the modifications, they will be redone by
the configuration system.

Would the following options be good for that?

  apt-get --yes --force-yes -q

Josef Wolf
jw at

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