some principal questions concerning btrfs and layout

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Fri Jul 29 20:30:46 UTC 2016


i have to install two pc's for our bioinformatics and will use Ubuntu 16.04.
I'd like to use btrfs. Some questions:

is it a good idea to have folders like /var/log, /usr/local or /var/lib on subvolumes ?
Suse does it that way. Advantage would be that if i make a snapshot from /
(e.g. before configuration changes), databases or logfiles would not be
snapshotted. So i don't have to be afraid of loosing database inserts or new entries in the
logfiles if i restore the snapshot.

I read an article about btrfs in a german computer journal. But it's a bit outdated.
Is it still necessary to balance the subvolumes ?
It recommends to do it regulary.


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