Bash – am I getting MAD here?

Ralf Mardorf silver.bullet at
Wed Jul 27 16:28:09 UTC 2016


consider to post your bashisms in a human readable formatting and to
send your mail in plain text only.

Assumed you should use Evolution, then in the editor windows switch
from "Normal" to "Preformatted" before you paste the script.

If you are using Claws, in the editor windows use Edit > Special paste >

Other MUAs most likely allow to post scripts, too.

You should expect that several people aren't willing to read something
formatted like this:

* if [[ ${Path:0:1} != / ]]; then # Relative path.*
* echo "${PWD}/${Path}"*
* else # Absolute path.*
* echo "${Path}"*
* fi*

You might claim, that your formatting is absolutely perfect, when
taking a look at the HTML formatted part. -> -> :

"HTML mail

Avoid sending emails in HTML format, if possible. Some people may find
it more difficult to read or reply to these emails. Also, HTML email
takes up more space, so people with restricted Internet access will be
happier to receive plain text emails."

At least I'm not willing to add the HTML plugin to my Claws mail and
the formatting of the plain text part is disgusting.


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