creating users with mail but no system login

David Fletcher dave at
Tue Jul 26 20:13:18 UTC 2016

On Tue, 2016-07-26 at 12:41 -0600, Bob wrote:
> I want to create users who only have email privileges on my system. I am 
> using postfix but not virtual mailboxes. I have people I would like to 
> supply a mail address for under a common domain, but they don't need any 
> other access to my system. We are in different cities and provinces, so 
> I would also need to provide some kind of mail relay for them. I know I 
> can do 'adduser --system --disabled login' but that seems like it would 
> block mail login as well. How would I do this?

On my server, only used by two people, I also use postfix, with maildir,
which is putting the email into the users' home directories. So I
suppose that unless there is some setting in the postfix/dovecot config
files to mess around with the user accounts and home directories need to
be there.

HOWEVER, what I have also done is turn off the password logins. The only
way to log in to the server now, to get at all the "normal" files using
say sshfs, is to use ssh keys. If you do the same with your server, your
users should still be able to access the email server in the usual way
but will not be able to log in via ssh because you as administrator will
not have put any ssh public keys in their /home/username/.ssh

Does that help?


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