debmirror broken under Trusty?

Robert Heller heller at
Mon Jul 25 20:26:56 UTC 2016

When I enable downloading the Debian installers (@di_dists="dists"; 
@di_archs="arches"; ) I get this error:

ubuntumirror at ub140464:~$ debmirror 
 Download of dists/trusty-backports/main/installer-i386/current/images/MD5SUMS 
 failed: 404 Not Found
Failed to download some Package, Sources or Release files!
WARNING: releasing 1 pending lock...

debmirror works just fine if the di_dists and di_archs lines are commented 
out.  Is there something wrong with debmirror, my configuration file, or the 
distro server?

I am using as the mirror source host.  I want to create 
a local mirror of Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty), one that I can use to install Ubuntu 
14.04 (Trusty) to machines on a local LAN, without having to access the public 
Internet (bandwidth limitations).

I am running debmirror 1:2.16ubuntu1 on a 64-bit (amd64) Ubuntu 14.04 VM 
running under KVM on a server running CentOS 6.  I run debmirror daily early 
in the wee hours of the morning from a cron job.

Here is the configuration file that causes problems (commenting out the two 
lines relating to the installer images yields a working configuration that has 
no problems, except for the usual occasional network issues):

# Default config for debmirror

# The config file is a perl script so take care to follow perl syntax.
# Any setting in /etc/debmirror.conf overrides these defaults and
# ~/.debmirror.conf overrides those again. Take only what you need.
# The syntax is the same as on the command line and variable names
# loosely match option names. If you don't recognize something here
# then just stick to the command line.
# Options specified on the command line override settings in the config
# files.

# Location of the local mirror (use with care)

# Output options

# Download options
# @ignores="";
# @excludes="";
# @includes="";
# @excludes_deb_section="";
# @limit_priority="";
# @rsync_extra="doc,tools";


# Save mirror state between runs; value sets validity of cache in days

# Security/Sanity options

# Cleanup

# Locking options

# Rsync options
$rsync_options="-aIL --partial";

# FTP/HTTP options
# $proxy="http://proxy:port/";

# Dry run

# Don't keep diff files but use them

# The config file must return true or perl complains.
# Always copy this.

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