Latest dist-upfrade \ Frub change

Colin Law clanlaw at
Fri Jul 22 20:49:41 UTC 2016

On 22 July 2016 at 19:40, Grizzly <Real_Grizz_Adams at> wrote:
> Hi All
> Just did update then dist-upgrade and at the end the upgrade offered to change
> my grub settings, I cant remember the exact wording but it gave a number of
> choices from "change grub" thru "compare grub settings" to "keep old grub"
> AFAIR the "new" setting would change where grub was stored
> (tmp/sdk-something-grub)
> I kept old setting but would like to know more (ready for next time)

Difficult to say if you cannot tell us what the message said. The best
thing would have been to copy/paste it somewhere.

Which version of Ubuntu are you on?  I have not had any such message
or noticed a grup update.


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