Dell Optiplex 755 Windows 10 Pro live-usb Error

Robert Crawford webguytx at
Fri Jul 15 00:29:11 UTC 2016

My Dell tower has booted from live-usb, now it won't. I get this error
"Selected boot device not available".

My Dell has 8gb ram, 128gb Samsung SSD Boot Drive, WD 1td data drive.

I've checked the usb device settings in the bios everthing is set to "On".

When I press F12 for boot menu, I select usb device and get above
error with on option is either F1 to try again or F2 to go into bios

I create live-usb with this tower. I can boot with one of my laptops
(2 run Windows 10 pro, 1 runs Ubuntu 16.04).



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