Website with themes that are usable with GTK 3.20.x and GTK 2

Ralf Mardorf silver.bullet at
Thu Jul 14 12:25:52 UTC 2016


at the moment Ubuntu still provides GTK 3 < 3.20.x, but soon or later
it will provide 3.20.x, too. I already search a theme to replace
adwaita for me. It's still possible to use adwaita 3.18 with GTK 3.20.x
and GTK2, while adwaita 3.20 already is a PITA, but also usable, assumed
somebody accepts that GTK2 apps become ugly and need more space for
nothing. Other themes became completely unusable.

I'm aware that there are websites that provide GTK themes, but it's a
PITA to find themes that work with GTK 3.20.x and GTK 2.

Any hints where to find up-to-date GTK 3.20.x themes, that are still
provided for GTK 2 are welcome.


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