GRUB doesn't boot all kernels

blind Pete 0123peter at
Thu Jul 14 08:06:02 UTC 2016

Ralf Mardorf wrote:

> Hi,
> for Wily and Arch Linux I build 3.10.61-rt65 and was able to boot it.
> Now I build it for Xenial, too, no errors during building it, packages
> could be installed without issues.
> If I try to boot it, GRUB claims to boot it, but then just a flashing
> cursor is shown and nothing else happens.

I'm clutching at straws here.  Have you considered; file corruptions, a 
broken intrd, maybe the that version of grub does not know about the 
very latest version of ext4?  Some 64 bit stuff has just come into 
play recently.  I have run out of sensible suggestions.  (Maybe I ran 
out some time ago.)  Try writing something to the mbr of all of your 
drives, or unplug the drive(s) that you think are not involved.  

> [root at moonstudio weremouse]# grep Grub2 -A2 /tmp/boot.txt
>  => Grub2 (v1.99) is installed in the MBR of /dev/sda and looks at sector
>  1 of
>     the same hard drive for core.img. core.img is at this location and
>     looks in partition 97 for .

Partition 97?  

blind Pete
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