Using DNS server to stop local domains going through internet

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Wed Jul 13 23:37:00 UTC 2016

Hi, first thing I should say is I have never setup a DNS and am quite
nervous about breaking our network;).

So, we use owncloud and I want to use a DYDNS domain rather than the local
IP address of the owncloud server (for a cople of reasons but mainly so I
can set it up on laptops which may be outside the local network).  Problem
is if I do this the performance is very bad as it goes throuht the
internet.  A bit of digging reviles the way to do this is to setup a DNS
server and forward all requests to the upstream server (probably going to
have to use the google public ones) unless it is the domain of our owncloud
server, in which case we resolve the domain as the owncloud servers local
IP.  Or that's what I think I need to do.

I am using Ubuntu 15.10.

I think I need to install bind9 (apt-install bind9 dnsutils).

in /etc/bind/named.conf.options add

forwarders {;;

Then to bind to (the owncloud server do I simply

In /etc/hostname

Well thats my guess, or how do I do it?

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