Ubuntu 16.04 with ntpd using NEMA/PPS..

Howard Leadmon howard at leadmon.net
Wed Jul 13 05:59:56 UTC 2016

According to all the docs, for ntpd, the current ntpd included with Ubuntu
16.04 is plenty new enough that it's atomized.  Here are the notes from

In NTP versions after 4.0.99k23 is NMEA driver atomized what means that for
PPS processing we don't need neither ATOM driver nor PPS command in

Looking at what is on the Ubuntu server I see:   ntpd 4.2.8p4

 Though to be honest, I did try adding in the atom for PPS processing as
well, and it made no difference.   I think the trick is finding out why the
kernel clock when I look with ntptime is not showing anything.   If I can
beat that one, I may win the battle..

Howard Leadmon 

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> Howard Leadmon wrote:
> > server mode 16 minpoll 3 prefer fudge flag1
> > 1 flag2 1 flag3 1 time1 0.0
> AIUI that's the entry for GPS, but you would also need a server for PPS
> server ...
> See "/usr/share/doc/ntp-doc/html/drivers/driver22.html" from the package
> ntp-doc.
> Nils
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