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On 9 July 2016 at 17:19, Dave Stevens <geek at> wrote:
> well, with bang for the buck I always take cost into account.

The discussion was about a PC with multiple discrete graphics cards.

If someone is using a separate graphics card, then an Intel processor
will give better CPU performance *for the money spent on the CPU* than
an AMD processor will.

AMD only wins if the whole system is down around US$200-300 and there
is no budget for a separate GPU.

AMD APUs easily outperform Intel's low-end Atom CPUs, for instance,
but [a] the Atom line has been discontinued now and [b] Atoms were
only intended for netbooks and so on, not for general-purpose

However, $ for $, even a Core i3 will outperform an AMD APU of around
the same price _if_ the on-board GPU of both is not being used.

Personally, I don't play video games, so I don't really care about GPU
performance. I am happy with the performance of my Core i5's Intel
HD3000 GPU driving twin 23" LCDs.

AMD wins on _onboard_ GPU performance, yes.
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