How to disable grub-mkconfig once and forever?

Ralf Mardorf silver.bullet at
Fri Jul 8 07:55:38 UTC 2016


since there seems to be no way to prevent Ubuntu from enforcing to
install GRUB, is there at least a way to prevent Ubuntu from ever
automatically running grub-mkconfig? "Ever" means it should _never ever_
automatically run, even not when running do-release-upgrade.

Since the do-release-upgrade I run yesterday enforced installing GRUB
and seemingly damaged my FreeBSD install [1], I now will stay with
Ubuntu's GRUB, but I at least want that the existing grub.cfg will
never ever gets automatically changed. Neither wenn installing or
upgrading a kernel, nor when upgrading GRUB and also not, during a
release upgrade. _Never_!

Much better would be a way to prevent Ubuntu from ever installing GRUB.

I removed a grub-pc dummy package before running the release upgrade.
Would it be possible to keep an empty dummy package during release

Ensures disabling the os-prober by the GRUB configs, that
grub-mkconfig (update-grup) does not edit grub.cfg at all or would it
still do some changes to grub.cfg?



Indeed, I read that nowadays a backup of 512 bytes MBR isn't enough.
When partitioning a gap of 2 MiB, at least 1 MiB is recommended.

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