How are programs executed in Ubuntu?

Jim Byrnes jf_byrnes at
Fri Jan 29 01:39:44 UTC 2016

Running Ubuntu 14.04.

I recently started to learn the programing language livecode. I have 
completed a couple of tutorials and got them to run in the ide.  Then I 
compiled them as standalone apps. Now I would like to launch the 
standalone version.

My preferred method of starting programs is put them on the launcher or 
put them in a program called "Drawers" that sits on the launcher and 
contains programs to launch. The livecode programs will not start from 

If I right click on them in a file manager and then select execute, the 
program will run.

If I drag one from a file manager and drop it on the desktop and double 
click the icon, it will run, but I don't like a bunch of icons on my 

If I double click on it in a file manager a window pops up and asks what 
program to use to run it. It's not obvious to me what program to use.

If I drag it to the launcher it will not stick to the launcher.

If I drop it on Drawers it stays in the drawer, but will not launch when 
I click on it.

If I put a python program in Drawers the command to launch it is:
python "path/to'".

If I put a libre calc spreadsheet on drawers the command to launch it 
is: xdg-open "path/to/mysheet.ods".

Putting xdg-open "path/to/mylivecodeprogram" does not work.

So what is happening under the hood to run the livecode program by 
double clicking a desktop icon or selecting execute from a file manager?

If I could figure that out maybe I could get them to run from Drawers.

Thanks,  Jim

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