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Jared Norris jrnorris at
Sat Jan 23 02:08:40 UTC 2016

Hi all,

I wanted to send a quick email to the list to remind everyone that people
need to be subscribed to the list to post to it (and the subscribed account
needs to be the one posting to the list).

During the last week or so we've been investigating how spam had made it
through to the list from an unsubscribed account. With the help of the
friendly Canonical support staff we found there was an old list of email
accounts that were allowed to post to the list without being subscribed.
The current group of moderators were unaware of it's existence and can't
see a valid reason to maintain it. As a result we've taken the decision to
purge it which will be occurring today.

This will not impact the vast majority of users but we wanted to let people
know in case you happened to be one of the very small number that might be

If you encounter issues posting to the list can you please double check you
are subscribed to the list from the address you are posting from. If you're
still having issues or feel you have a valid reason for an exception please
contact the mailing list moderation team -
ubuntu-users-owner at - we're here to help.


Jared Norris
On behalf of the moderation team
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