How to set the single click speed?

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Thu Jan 21 05:09:27 UTC 2016

On 21/01/2016, Ernest Doub <hideserted at> wrote:


>> Reading this thread it seems to me that you need to adjust the
>>sensitivity< to the mouse, not the >mouse click speed<.

And how do we do that?

I have found the use of the mouse, to be increasingly obstructive,
and, more harm than good, as it does all kinds of things that I do not
want, including imposing unwanted vertical scrolling (when I simply
move the mouse, the window content scrolls, without me manually
clicking on the scroll bar and moving the mouse), and, imposing menu
things that I do not want, without me selecting the menu options.

Amongst other things, this includes the mouse, on its own initiative,
automatically adding misspelled words to the dictionary  ("Add to
dictionary" is , in some applications, the bottom menu option, so the
mouse, on its own initiative, decides to implement that), so as to
invalidate automated spell-checking. That is only one of the harmful
things done by the out of control mouse.

Being able to do a global change to menu's that pop up when using the
non-dominant mouse button, so that the top and bottom menu options are
always blank, so that the menu will not do anything, unless the user
manually selects an option and clicks on it, would be a useful start.

It is like some kind of sabotage to what I seek to do, over which I am
not allowed control, and, it is not clear, how to restrict what the
mouse does to what I try to do.

It is like "computer mouse" should be renamed "computer rat", because
it is an out of control thing that does whatever it wants, in spite of
what this user wants, as if its objective, is to spite the user.


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