moving hard drive to a new system

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Wed Jan 20 02:02:45 UTC 2016

Quoting Scott Blair <scott.blair at>:

> I am thinking about building a new computer. What I want to do is  
> get a 3TB hard drive for my existing computer so I can use it as a  
> movie server for the house. I want to take my existing hard drive  
> and put it in the new system as is. Will this cause a problem like  
> it does with Windows and hose the operating system?
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> Thanks,
> Scott Blair

not necessarily. I just needed to back up my laptop's SSD to a drive  
on my Fedora box (a wildly different hardware setup) and after the  
transfer I tried booting just to see and everything came up fine as  
U14.04.3, just as it should.


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