Re: ubuntu 12.04 LTS how to avoid GRUB update‏

Spyros Tsiolis stsiol at
Thu Jan 14 07:16:34 UTC 2016

>  Yes, I suspect that this
>  should do the job. Actually Petter and I
>  suggested the same, I'm just uncertain if a
>  "smart upgrade" (apt-get
>  dist-upgrade) of the kernel image would
>  reinstall a bootloader, since
>  it's a
>  recommended dependency. For Wily I installed an empty
>  dummy
>  package that fulfils this recommended
>  dependency, but I don't remember
>  if this
>  really is needed. Anyway, if you simply purge the GRUB
>  packages
>  you would get rid of GRUB and next
>  time, when a kernel upgrade is
>  provided
>  you'll notice what happens. Perhaps it would not install
>  a
>  bootloader, or you need to cancel the
>  upgrade and after that only
>  upgrade
>  linux(-image) with
>  "--no-install-recommends
>             Do not consider
>  recommended packages as a dependency for
>           installing. Configuration Item:
>  APT::Install-Recommends." -
>  or run an upgrade that
>  isn't smart (apt-get upgrade) and then continue
>  with a smart upgrade.
>  Regards,
>  Ralf
>  PS: Please take a look, if
>  your mailer provides a "reply to mailing
>  list" option, since a carbon copy does
>  cause duplicated messages for
>  the receiver.
>  "Reply to sender" instead of "reply to
>  all" should work
>  either. Also consider
>  to remove "Reply-To" from your headers, assumed
>  you won't get duplicated messages too,
>  because some mailers ignore a
>  default
>  "reply to mailing list only", if the headers
>  contain a
>  "Reply-To" address other
>  than the mailing list address.

Hi Again Ralph,

OK. I missed to tell you that for the thin-clients, it's Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
and I don't intend of upgrading it.

If I upgrade the thin clients, I am going to it manually by backing up
the users home folders and installing a newer version of Ubuntu 
(or any other Debian Linux distro), so there are no worries in regards
to upgrading.

I do a "bcc" to your e-mail address (or Peters' or Olis'). 
I won't do this again and also post to the lists' address and
not do "reply" . Right ?

I think I am going to test it on a test bed installation before doing
the "purge" command on the live system.

Thank you kindly for your patience,
Thank you all for your time,


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