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On 10/01/16 11:56, Johnny Rosenberg wrote:
> I meant more generally in the inner parts of the operating system. For 
> instance, if I save a file with Gedit, Apache OpenOffice, Audacity, 
> Nano or whatever, is that event logged by the operating system 
> somehow? Or if I delete a file in Nautilus or even in a terminal?

Ah! So you are after some kind of file system auditing capability? I've 
never come across this in Ubuntu. There may be something out there that 
does it, but I suspect such a system would generate quite a lot of 
logging information!

> A few years back I used Ubuntu One for some of my folders, and at 
> least it SEEMED like it somehow was able to monitor such events and 
> write changed or added files to the Ubuntu One cloud thing. Or maybe 
> the Ubuntu One daemon just scanned the folders for changes now and 
> then, I don't know.

Yes, cloud storage tends to keep track of such things and keeps older 
versions of files for you. Certainly Dropbox and OwnCloud both do this. 
One of the advantages of 'the cloud'!

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