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On 10/01/16 09:42, Johnny Rosenberg wrote:
> 2016-01-10 9:08 GMT+01:00 Tony Arnold <tony.arnold at 
> <mailto:tony.arnold at>>:
>     These settings look OK to me.
>         The button at the upper right corner of the window is ON.
>         At Overview, both buttons (”Reblaha” and ”Backup now”) are
>         greyed out
> Ooops, I was supposed to replace ”Reblaha” with the correct word (I 
> run Ubuntu in Swedish…), when I found out the translation, but I 
> forgot all about it… :P I think ”Restore” is the word I was looking for.

Yes, I figured out what you meant! And you are right, the button says 
'Restore...' in the English version.

> They were greyed out in both cases, but since then I restarted my 
> computer (since it was night and I was going to sleep). I'll check it 
> out right away…
> Ah, now they are not greyed out anymore! Turning the button to OFF 
> didn't change anything, though, except that the text above the ”Backup 
> now…” button changed slightly.

Logging out and back in might have had the same effect.

> Just pressed the button and it seems to work. It asked me for a 
> password, or to disable passwords, which I did, and now it's backing up.

Cool! Glad to see it working.

> I'm surprised that the user can't set the time.

Yes, that would be useful. There are some further settings you can find 
using the dconf-editor under org.gnome.deja-dup, but the time of backup 
is not there. You can refine how long it keeps backups for and how often 
it does a full backup, but not much else.

> Too bad if that's true, because my USB drive is a little bit noisy…
> And talking about backing up, saving files and things like that: Are 
> events like ”a file has been changed/added/removed" logged somewhere?

Apart from what you see in the window when it is running there is no 
other logging that I can find, which is a great shame. You can use 
duplicity directly to list backed up files and verify the backups etc. 
Look at the man pages for duplicity for more information.

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