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>>>> Hi,
>>>> Is this the right mailing list to post about network issues?
>>>> Thanks!
>>> It can be. Go ahead and post your question to the list. :-)
>> OK. It is more like a suggestion.
>> On Mac OS X [1] one can do the following to set a static ip for a
>> network device:
>> $ sudo networksetup -setmanual Ethernet [ipaddress] [subnet] [router]
>> On Ubuntu (I'm on 12.04) you have to disable dnsmasq on NetworkManager
>> (and this can break your dns resolution in the process), edit
>> /etc/network/interfaces, restart the network-manager service and hope
>> for the best. And in the end you give up the command line and end up
>> doing this through the UI.
>> Why does Ubuntu not invest in making an administration tool like
>> networksetup for its users?
>> [1] -
> Have you looked at ifconfig?
Yes. I know about it.

Compare its interface with networksetup:

$ ifconfig --help
  ifconfig [-a] [-v] [-s] <interface> [[<AF>] <address>]
  [add <address>[/<prefixlen>]]
  [del <address>[/<prefixlen>]]
  [[-]broadcast [<address>]]  [[-]pointopoint [<address>]]
  [netmask <address>]  [dstaddr <address>]  [tunnel <address>]
  [outfill <NN>] [keepalive <NN>]
  [hw <HW> <address>]  [metric <NN>]  [mtu <NN>]
  [[-]trailers]  [[-]arp]  [[-]allmulti]
  [multicast]  [[-]promisc]
  [mem_start <NN>]  [io_addr <NN>]  [irq <NN>]  [media <type>]
  [txqueuelen <NN>]
  [up|down] ...

  <HW>=Hardware Type.
  List of possible hardware types:
    loop (Local Loopback) slip (Serial Line IP) cslip (VJ Serial Line IP)
    slip6 (6-bit Serial Line IP) cslip6 (VJ 6-bit Serial Line IP)
adaptive (Adaptive Serial Line IP)
    strip (Metricom Starmode IP) ash (Ash) ether (Ethernet)
    tr (16/4 Mbps Token Ring) tr (16/4 Mbps Token Ring (New)) ax25 (AMPR AX.25)
    netrom (AMPR NET/ROM) rose (AMPR ROSE) tunnel (IPIP Tunnel)
    ppp (Point-to-Point Protocol) hdlc ((Cisco)-HDLC) lapb (LAPB)
    arcnet (ARCnet) dlci (Frame Relay DLCI) frad (Frame Relay Access Device)
    sit (IPv6-in-IPv4) fddi (Fiber Distributed Data Interface) hippi (HIPPI)
    irda (IrLAP) ec (Econet) x25 (generic X.25)
    eui64 (Generic EUI-64)
  <AF>=Address family. Default: inet
  List of possible address families:
    unix (UNIX Domain) inet (DARPA Internet) inet6 (IPv6)
    ax25 (AMPR AX.25) netrom (AMPR NET/ROM) rose (AMPR ROSE)
    ipx (Novell IPX) ddp (Appletalk DDP) ec (Econet)
    ash (Ash) x25 (CCITT X.25)

Bad as hell!


Thiago Farina

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