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rikona rikona at sonic.net
Sun Jan 3 04:44:36 UTC 2016

Hello Liam,

Saturday, January 2, 2016, 10:57:37 AM, Liam wrote:

> On 2 January 2016 at 03:43, rikona <rikona at sonic.net> wrote:
>> Has 8GB, but I still get to the point where Mem & Swp are FULL, and
>> virt is MUCH larger than both Mem+Swp. Results in flaky at least and
>> soon a crash. Also Opera does not seem to be able to deal with such a
>> crash. When Opera crashes with 'normal ' mem usage [Mem & Swp not
>> nearly full] it offers to restore the state before the crash, which it
>> does pretty well. In the huge virt case, opera restores with a just a
>> blank page.

> Wow! :-o

> Well, another question. I don't use Opera myself, except for some
> legacy copies of 12 for one specific function. Is it 32-bit or
> 64-bit?

I run 12 which seems to be the latest one for Ubuntu/linux.

> What addons are you using? In Firefox and to a lesser extent Chrome,
> AdBlock+ can cause drastic RAM bloat. µBlock is slightly better.

I use AdBlock and Ghostery.

> I use Privoxy. More ads get through but it does nothing at all to
> the browser RAM usage.

I also use Privoxy, but through an external proxy so it has no impact
on my box.

>>> Currently the sweet spot is 8GB. It's cheap, and 12-16GB won't give
>>> much noticeable difference for most people.
>> Hmmmm... Let's say I go to 16 or even 32 G. That is still much smaller
>> than what virt indicates when Opera gets loaded. Are you suggesting
>> that 16 or 32 G would NOT solve that problem?
>> Appreciate your help...

> I doubt it will help, TBH.

> What might, somewhat, is what I do. I use both Chrome /and/ Firefox,
> with the Xmarks addon synching bookmarks between them.

> I use Chrome for Web2 type stuff, intensive AJAX apps, such as Gmail,
> Gcalendar, Gcontacts, G+ etc.

I'm a bit of a privacy nut, so I avoid Google as much as possible. :-)

> I use Firefox for general browsing. I have a set of add-ons, such as
> merged sidebars, vertical tabs, flat bookmarks and so on that give
> Firefox a better UI on widescreen monitors.

I also use Firefox for a few things, such as video downloads which
opera is not good at.

> At $JOB-2, for very high numbers of tabs, I also used Tabhunter, tab
> groups, TreeStyleTabs in place of Vertical Tabs and some other tweaks.

> I keep that setup on all 3 of my machines, and use it on Windows and
> Linux and Ubuntu.

> It might be worth an experimental go to see if certain sites are
> causing extreme RAM usage.

I've just been checking that - it IS true. A couple of my 'sessions'
access a number of apparently VERY large sites, and mem & cpu go up a
lot on those.

> Secondly, if it's one monolithic huge app, this probably won't help,
> but you could try experimentally enabling RAM compression. To do this,
> install zram-config, or Google for info.

I may try that and see what happens.

[I don't Google for anything, but I do Startpage a lot. :-)) ]

Thanks for the info...



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