update-manager --no-focus-on-map ??

rikona rikona at sonic.net
Sat Jan 2 02:40:16 UTC 2016

Hello Oliver,

Thursday, December 31, 2015, 3:30:50 AM, Oliver wrote:

> hi,
> Am Dienstag, den 29.12.2015, 14:52 -0800 schrieb rikona:
>> (1) In htop, I'm getting quite a few instances of "update-manager
>> --no-focus-on-map". They seem to build up over time and, according to
>> top, are using up memory [ ~5% each] -- and I eventually seem to get
>> memory problems. (2) Also over time I seem to lose the update manager
>> GUI - it shows as a running icon with alt-tab, but selecting it gives
>> me nothing.
>> How can I fix 1 & 2 re the update mgr? Are 1& 2 related?

> are you sure you configured htop to not show userland threads by
> default in the settings ? else you will see multiple instances of
> apps that do a fork, even if they all use the exact same system
> resources 

I didn't understand that option so kept the default, not checked.

Are you saying that the large amount of memory usage in the many
instances shown in htop is actually NOT large and equal to only one of
the instances?



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