Pacemaker on Wily vs. Xenial

Mark Haney mark.haney at
Mon Apr 25 14:41:55 UTC 2016

I've noticed something odd about the Pacemaker installation between Wily
and Xenial.  This has been something I've seen since late February, but I'm
not certain it's a bug/problem.

Originally I started testing a floating IP failover setup with Pacemaker on
15.10 and found that the 'crm' commands failed to work due to some sort of
version mismatch. So, I upgraded them to 16.04 beta to be able to setup the
resources and test.  It wasn't until I built a 16.04 Beta VM from scratch
that I noticed the difference.  For example, in 15.10, this is the contents
of the /etc/corosync/ directory:

root at marcellus:~# lxc exec wily -- /bin/bash
root at wily:~# ls /etc/corosync/
corosync.conf  corosync.conf.example  corosync.conf.example.udpu  service.d

But, in 16.04 the directory is all but empty:

root at xenial-2:~# ls /etc/corosync/

Now, this isn't a dealbreaker as far as I can tell, except for one thing,
the documentation requires me to setup the pcmk file inside
/etc/corosync/service.d/ with the pacemaker version information.  If it's
not there, I can't get pacemaker to start.

The only way I've been able to get this to work is to install 15.10,
install pacemaker, upgrade to 16.04 and all is well.

I'm no pacemaker expert (which is why I'm testing it), but it seems like
the 16.04 base install package is broken.  Is there something I'm
overlooking?  I've not seen docs specific to 16.04's pacemaker version so
I've had to rely on the 15.10 docs out there.  But the versions aren't that
different (1.1.12/Wily, 1.1.14/Xenial), so I can't imagine there's been a
massive change between the two.

Any ideas?


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