a question on shared folders

Spyros Tsiolis stsiol at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Apr 13 18:11:37 UTC 2016

Hello again all,

OK, I did a re-installation of the thin-clients and this time round
I didn't add any external repositories for third-party applications.
I remembered my slackware days (huh ! Slackware , sigh !), where
there was no package manager and all you had to do was either
compile something from source or download the static executables.
So taht's that. Any app that does not belong to the official repos,
got downloaded and ran as a static exec. And voila !
Everything now work like a dream .

Well, kind of . . . . 

I have a nagging issue with a couple of samba shares.

I have an ubuntu 12.04 server (x86) running on the network
and acting as a huge hard drive.
There's only one user (supervisor) that accesses all those folders
and anyone on the network wanting to access them folders
enters the "supervisor" username and the password.

Here's the thing though. If there's two or three users in total
accessing this shared folder, everything is hanky-dory.

On the fourth user accessing the shares, he has no write 

I did some searching and it seems "automount" is the 
keyword here.

I don't want to test it on a live system though. So I am going
to try it on the old system (I've kept the old system and gave
the thin-clients a menu with two choices at bootup, default
choice for the new functioning system and the second choice
for the old system).

Any feedback at this point would be more than welcome though.

Thank you all for your patience,


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