NFS mounts not being mounted at boot time.

Robert Heller heller at
Sat Apr 9 01:09:15 UTC 2016

I am having trouble with a Ubuntu 14.04 system that is not mounting NFS files 
systems at boot time. I have installed nfs-common and have entries in 
/etc/fstab for the mounts.  I noticed that Ubuntu does not have a startup 
script to mount NFS disks (the way the RedHat machines I am used to do), since 
it is not possible to mount NFS filesystems when one mounts local system 
filesystems, since the network is not up yet.  On all of the RedHat systems 
there is an init script that runs later that mounts NFS file systems (and also 
fires up nfslock if needed).  This seems to be missing on Ubuntu (unless I am 
missing something).  What am I missing?

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