Dragon Naturally Speaking

Chris Green cl at isbd.net
Mon Apr 4 09:42:10 UTC 2016

On Sun, Apr 03, 2016 at 06:05:13PM -0400, Scott Blair wrote:
>    I have a Marine buddy of mine that is going blind. He has stuff that he
>    has written that he wants to put on his computer. My first response was
>    Dragon Naturally Speaking. I checked his computer and it is running MS
>    Vista and it does not support it. I talked to him about switching to
>    Ubuntu. He is fine with that. What programs for Linux that are like
>    Dragon Naturally Speaking that are available?

None I'm afraid.  My wife used to use Dragon Naturally Speaking but it
has become an overweight behemoth in my opinion.  Even Version 12 (not
the latest) Home Edition is 2.3Gb, that's ridiculous.  The
installation process was a nightmare too (Windows 7).

I looked at voice recognition software on Android phones and tablets
(we have several) and it's actually pretty good now.  If you can find
some reasonably practical way of transferring text (not text messages)
from a phone or tablet to the PC then this is a practical approach.

Chris Green

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