OT: Backup failure

Grizzly Real_Grizz_Adams at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Sep 27 06:17:34 UTC 2015

27 September 2015  at 4:35, silver.bullet at zoho.com wrote:
OT: Backup failure (at least in part)

>On Sat, 26 Sep 2015 21:48:05 +0100, Colin Law wrote:
>>By the way, why are you starting a new thread at every reply?
>A lot of people consider the "subject" as being the "thread". It's
>advisable to explain that emails include data, the "header". Usually
>most of the header is hidden by email programs. "Message-ID",
>"References" and "In-Reply-To" provide the thread related header data.
>Some people use the "thread" to sort emails. Usually email programs
>allow to fall back to sort by subject, if threads are broken, but this
>doesn't always work as wanted.

And (as I was told) if they take list as Digest replying to that breaks the 

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