Backup fails

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Sat Sep 26 15:09:37 UTC 2015

>On Sat, 26 Sep 2015 16:18:01 +0200, Chas IRONS wrote:
>>Hi Ubuntu
>FWIW, this is a mailing list, most of as are users, you are not in
>contact with Ubuntu.
>>I get this error when I try to Backup on 14.04.1 using an 8GB usb
>You must post the command + the complete output.
>>Backup location ‘/tmp/duplicity-_JyeBF-tempdir/mktemp-uAPqIc-2’ does
>>not exist.
>>What terminal commands would create the file needed?
>The command is
>  mkdir -p /tmp/duplicity-_JyeBF-tempdir/mktemp-uAPqIc-2

Sorry, it would be

  -p /tmp/duplicity-_JyeBF-tempdir/;touch /tmp/duplicity-_JyeBF-tempdir/mktemp-uAPqIc-2

>but this command doesn't solve the issue. Post the command you run
>and the complete output.

This would create a temporarily file that is likely good for
absolutely nothing. You made some mistake, creating this file will not
correct the mistake.

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