Installing Ubuntu 14.04.3on multi hard drive system

Jim Byrnes jf_byrnes at
Wed Sep 23 13:24:00 UTC 2015

On 09/22/2015 02:46 AM, Colin Law wrote:
> On 21 September 2015 at 22:55, Jim Byrnes <jf_byrnes at> wrote:
>> I just added a 3d hard drive to my system so I can slowly migrate to
>> 14.04.3. sda = ubuntu 12.04, sdb = windows 7 and sdc is the new hard drive
>> verified with gpartd.
>> When I boot from the live cd and choose to install ubuntu sdc is not an
>> option so I choose "something else".  The next screen shows me sdc so I
>> choose it.  sda is shown as the choice of where to put the boot loader.
>> I want to install 14.04 on sdc and keep booting to 12.04 by default until I
>> get 14.04 setup to my liking.  So is choosing sdc and leaving the boot
>> loader installation on sda the correct choice?  It's been awhile since I
>> have done this and don't want to mess up my system.
> After installing I believe the new system will become the default.  To
> make the original the default boot into it (by selecting from the grub
> boot screen) and in a terminal run
> sudo grub-install
> sudo update-grub
> You may have to repeat this occasionally following updates to 14.04 if
> the update reconfigures grub.
> Colin


thanks for the info.  Ran into great difficulty getting a usable 14.04 
install.  Seems to be related to my two monitors, but will start a new 
thread about it once I gather some facts.

Regards,  Jim

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